Britain is doing great but now stagnating

Based on our CISM data monitor, here are the top ten countries on Weibo in February 2016. This ranking shows how often Chinese netizens mention a certain country via hashtags.


Compared to the January results, we can see that Great Britian has lost its steam. However, it still holds a comfortable fourth position in the top ten rankings.

Britain’s national tourist agency, VisitBritain, has launched its “Britain is Great” on social media channels worldwide since 2011. Certainly, Britain’s image on Weibo benefited from these online campaign efforts. The Cameron administration’s courtship of Beijing is certainly playing an important role too.
Interestingly, compared to our 2015 data, Great Britain was not even included in the top ten rankings and had only about 50.000 hashtag mentions on Weibo at the end 2015. Its current standing can be indeed acknowledged as a great achievement.

If you want to know more about our CISM data monitor, please read this article.

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